Integration of SMARWI into FIBARO

Integration of SMARWI into FIBARO

If you already have FIBARO solution to control your smart home, you can easily connect SMARWI into it.


NEWs fibaro

We would like to thank to one of our customers for preparation of following guide & library.

Connect SMARWI to FIBARO guide-English version(FIBARO_HC2_VD_for_SMARWI_EN.pdf)

Library for download (SMARWI_Fibaro_v1,3.vfib) Please update SMARWI fw to latest version. SMARWI_Fibaro_v1.3 works with SMARWI FW 203.* or higher. 

Pictures of SMARWI v open & closed position (SMARWI_closed,  SMARWI_opened)



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