• Intelligence for your window

    Intelligence for your window

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    With SMARWI you can remotely control windows,
    plan ventilation and much more.
    And what's great - normal window function is preserved!

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  • Health and remedy every day

    Health and remedy every day

    Being able to control fresh air supply in your home,
    SMARWI helps you systematically improve everyday life quality.
    There are more ways of using SMARWI, even more than we imagined.

    Let's get inspired together.


  • Silent operation, easy installation

    Silent operation, easy installation

    Unique SMARWI design allows tool-less installation,
    extra silent operation, technical & aesthetical minimalism plus high reliability.


  • Easy control

    Easy control

    SMARWI is easy to control using your smart phone or computer.
    Thanks to clever design, you can still open the window manually, even to the side.
    It means that you can control ventilation using a button, remotely or manually.


  • vektiva.online


    Still online, still in contact with your home.
    At work, on the road or at vacation...
    thanks to vektiva.online service
    your windows are still accessible & under control.



  • SMARWI - controlling windows online
  • SMARWI - controlling windows online

    Intelligent device for remote control of window ventilation (Tilt-Turn Windows). You can plan ventilation according to your needs and control windows wherever you are using just a phone.


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  • Shadow & Night: set optimal ventilation for summer
  • Fresh air during your sleep but not to feel cold
  • Integration into OpenHab
  • Ventilate your toilets, bathrooms or pool areas
  • Close windows based on weather forecast
  • Window voice control
  • Fresh return from vacation
  •  Reduction of moisture and mold
  • Integration of SMARWI into FIBARO
  • SMARWI for people with disabilities
  • Ventilation of windows with limited access


  • Situation during pandemy
  • Discover advantageous SMARWI sets
  • German version of vektiva.com
  • Already serving in 11 countries

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