Electric window opening over wifi

Smarwi - smart window opener

WiFi IoT device for window ventilation opening using mobile phone

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SMARWI top view
SMARWI on window
SMARWI on window
Safety & control box
Cable holder

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Smarwi - full kit, cable length 1,6m
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Smarwi - full kit, cable length 2.1m
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Smarwi - full kit, cable length 2.7m
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Before purchasing this electronic product, please refer to the information in the section Important to know before purchase, to verify your window parameters and proper selection ot the length of the cable to the safety control box.

Control your windows - open them via the internet from your phone

The device is designed for electronically controlled opening of windows in ventilation mode. You can schedule it by time or make it automatically respond to different events. It can be remotely controlled by smartphones or PCs. SMARWI supports API. It means that you can use your existing or future IoT devices to control your windows or connect it to differnet smart home systems. The appliance is powered by an ordinary electrical outlet. Connection to the Internet is provided via your WiFi network.

More details: How it works

Automatically and effortlessly opening windows

The SMARWI window opener helps not only wherever you want to contribute in the long run to improve the indoor climate or to deal with ventilation. Room air quality affects our ability to concentrate, impacts on fatigue and sleep. Ventilation can be planned in advance, or you can ventilate as on demand, with one click in your phone. And with the use of external services, the window can for example automatically close itself when the storm is close!

More details: Examples of use

Easy installation without tools

The construction of the device makes it easy to install without drilling or other adjustments to the window.
For power supply, just plug the adapter into a regular electrical outlet (adapter is equipped with plug type C (for sockets of type E). Please note you might need specific conversion for your country)

Then simply enter your WiFi network credentials to connect to the Internet.

SMARWI was  specifically designed to work with the construction of window ventilation. SMARWI is an unobtrusive, quiet and reliable electronic system for everyday use.

Learn more about the electric window opener


Technical specifications

Installation guides and manuals


Can I control the window by other means than the Internet?

Of course, connectivity is a priority for us and therefore it is possible to control the windows not only from the mobile phone but also through the API interface, ie other web services or your existing smart home solution. You can also use your existing IoT devices to control Smarwi, provided they can send a HTTP request.

Sounds gibberish? No worries, the window will simply be opened by the crank, button, over the internet, according to schedule and by other means - according to weather or even voice, if you have eg. Google Home, Amazon Alexa, ...

Window controlling options  

  • Manually opening the window with a crank as before
  • A physical button on the control box (sticked to a window or nearby)
  • Via internet - web service vektiva.online (Control from mobile, laptop, ...)
  • Over the Internet - using HTTP API online services (eg using IFTTT, other IoT devices, ...)
  • Via Local Area Network - Device Web Interface
  • Via the local network - use the HTTP API on the device
  • Automatically open and close as planned or in response to events

With vektiva.online, you can control, adjust, and plan your windows from anywhere.

More details in the section: About vektiva.online


Package contains:

  • SMARWI ( device body with a holder fitted with adhesive tape) and the safety control box (ScB) equipped with adhesive tape and connected with a cable
  • Ridge with ridge holder, fitted with adhesive tape
  • Power adapter (Input: AC 50Hz/230V | Output: DC 12V/1,5-2A | Adapter is equipped with plug type C (for sockets of type E). Please note you might need specific conversion for your country
  • Installation kit comprising: 6x screw for drilling into the window (optional to use), 2x screw cap, 8x cabling holder with adhesive tape
  • User Manual

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