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Reduction of moisture and mold

Insufficient ventilation boosts formation of moisture and associated odor, stiffness, molding and other negative effects.

Fresh return from vacation

Your return from holiday does not have to be into a dull apartment.

Integrace do OpenHab

Nyní můžete snadno přidat SMARWI do svého OpenHab řešení.

Rain & open ventilation

Sudden rain can surprise us. With remote control, windows with SMARWI can be closed at any time, whether you are at work, on vacation or shopping.

Shadow & Night: set optimal ventilation for summer

During warm days of summer, we need to prevent hot air from entering the living space(from the moment the sun heats the environment) and on the other hand, ventilate intensively once the temperature drops.

Sleep longer

Plan you window to close just before the streets around you wake up and become noisy.

Window voice control

If you own a voice assistant such as Google Home or Amazon Alexa, you can control SMARWI using voice commands

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