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Countdown to close

  • Horst
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28 Oct 2019 20:55 #220 by Horst
Horst created the topic: Countdown to close
I wish the function that the Windows close after an adjustable time by itself. like a countdown.
That would be very convenient for Toiletroom or Bathroom after shower, among other things.

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  • Bury
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02 Nov 2019 11:24 #226 by Bury
Bury replied the topic: Countdown to close
Dear Horst,
do you mean function executed by pressing security box button? Or function that will be executable from your mobile device? Currently we are not able to change functions of security box button as there are limited options that must be used for security functions & maintenance. However this function can be realized as a shortcut in mobile device using API call. Please take a look at the example #4 or #5 here:
Such api call can be executed in your web browser and saved at your phone desktop or favorities for convenient regular use.
We hope this solution will help you.

Best Regards,

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  • Micha
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17 Feb 2021 17:31 #711 by Micha
Micha replied the topic: Countdown to close
This function is a must-have for security reasons! The window have to close after a user defined time span. I really do not understand how ommitting this function increases the security.

I bought a mini-computer (Raspberry Pi Zero W) to add this functionality. It took me several hours, but it works fine now.
By polling http://smarwi-ip/statusn and meassure the time open, I can close the window after Y minutes by sending a request to /close.
Sometimes the window goes to error-state for no reason - this can be fixed with request /stop and /close.
The next negative thing, I could fix this way: If you remove the plug from the socket (or there is a mini-backout), the window will unlock und stay open infinitly.
My script now detects this (window nearly closed but not 'fixed') and closes the window.

On the other hand I could not recommand this product for someone, who is not a programmer. You should really add some of this functions to ensure the window is closed.

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