Design holder for mobile devices


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The mobile device holder is a unique combination of materials, design and manufacturing technology.

Each holder is created by merging luxurious, laser-cut plexiglass and functional elements,

manufactured using 3D printers from our print farm.

The materials are recyclable and environmentally friendly.

The wide range of colours and materials used make the holder an elegant and luxurious addition to your interior or exterior design.



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Black transparent landscape  

The sophisticated and functional design allows the holder to adapt to mobile devices of different sizes.

With one click and turn, you can change the position from horizontal to vertical and vice versa.

The key is the ability to easily control your device without having to hold it in your hand and without fear of damaging it.

Ease of insertion and securely holding your device is the number one priority for this mount!

Can be installed with high quality 3M adhesive tape or dowels


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The holder can be used in bathrooms, kitchens, offices, children's room, bedroom, in your workshop, but also on the balcony, by the pool and wherever you need to operate it safely and easily.

This holder is a great helper in factories and workplaces where you need to put the device away or use it to control other equipment.

It can be used in fitness and wellness centres, logistics warehouses, manufacturing plants, as well as in offices and many other corporate and commercial premises.

Thanks to its robust construction, it meets the requirements for durability while offering perfect manoeuvrability combined with a secure fit for your equipment.





Minimum and maximum height/width of the mobile device to be mounted: 128 mm - 176 mm (depending on mounting method vertical/ landscape/)

Note: the total height must include any mobile phone or tablet case.

External dimensions of the holder (HxWxD): 202 x 103 x 51-57*

*The depth of the holder may vary depending on the thickness of the Plexiglas used


Conditions and usage

Interior temperature range +10C to +50C

The holder can be attached to smooth, dry surfaces using the included 3M adhesive strips,

into wood with screws and into masonry with dowels.


Package content

1x holder

1x holder base for fixing

2x universal screw for mounting in wood or with dowels in masonry

2x dowels

2x adhesive tape

1x manual




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