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1.04.2014 - - In order to support education and proffessional community we had launched stand alone forum. Feel free to join us there and ask questions regarding modeling as well as share your knowledge and experience. Your questions concerning UML will be answered by our expert members.

UML GURU forum website

28.02.2014 - Model Designer Tutorial Videos - Watch our video tutorials in order to easily learn how to start modeling with Model Designer. Currently there are two video tutorials avilable. Video tutorials are also part of Modelus Suite online help.

Part1: Model Designer Tutorial - Prepare project for modeling

Learn how to create new project, model level and papers in order to start modeling.

Part2: Model Designer Tutorial - Work with diagrams and elements

Learn how to add diagrams and elements into the model and other tasks relevant to modeling with Model Designer.

6.02.2014 - New production release - Screenflow & GUI designer. Screenflow functionality has been released. Screenflow allows users to control & simulate flow of screens designed in GUI Designer as well as contains partial integration with UML model in Model Designer. Updated help including screenflow functionality description will be released soon. See our demo (ScreenFlow and Gui Design example) for demonstration or you can start using this functionality if you are registered user.

10.01.2014 - Modelus University Campaign has started. We had launched cooperation program with universities across the world in order to provide modeling for free as well as finish testing of Modelus Suite products. Any university is free to enroll.

24.12.2013 -  Modelus Suite tools for free. Every registered (register here) user gets free workspace and access to full version of Model and GUI Designer tool.  Marry Christmas !!

19.11.2013 -  Modelus Suite at Facebook  We had created Modelus Suite community also for Facebook users. Feel free to joins us there (visit Modelus Suite on Facebook).

9.11.2013 -  Modelus Suite at Google+  New community for Modelus Suite has been created on Google+ (visit Modelus Suite Community on G+). Joint us there to get fresh news, updates and tutorials about UML modeling and our portfolio of tools.


 9.11.2013 - GUI Designer Tool - New GUI Designer tool is to be released in November 2013. See the video introduction below to get more info. GUI Designer tool from Modelus Suit will be availabe to all registered users for free. Follow our community to get information about release data. You can simply register at Modelus WEB site: User registration


3.11.2013Explore Idea of Modelus Suite - In order to explain our ideas, plans and thoughts behind Modelus Suite we have released our first video for you.

1.11.2013 - New forum has been opened for all users interested in Modelus Suite. Please feel free to register, discuss our applications or ask any questions you might have [Forum]

16.7.2013 - Model Designer - demo release [TRY IT]

14.7.2013 - Modelus website launched




Professional online tool supporting most common visual modeling languages (UML.2x, BPMN 2) as well as proprietary languages for Screenflows, Workflows etc. Designer is the first and .fundamental tool providing outputs to all other tools within Modelus suite.

Find more information in Modelus section or try our DEMO including real model examples. 



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